Keresverse Staking

Hydro Tokens can be staked on the Hydroswap (*1) or within Keresverse (*2) to receive a daily Airdrop of Keres NFTs in relation to the size of Hydro tokens staked.
*1. Staking on the Hydroswap will require that you stake Hydro Tokens there. *2. Staking within Keresverse will require that you stake Hydro Tokens there.
Keres tokens can be staked within Keresverse in order to partake in the DAO, in-game governance, and also to increase the Keres Token's rewards for winning a match.
Once staked, it is locked within that smart contract to generate rewards for its parent address. Note that a full-stake takes a minimum of thirty days to end. However, half of that stake can be spent after the first fifteen days and the remaining after thirty days. You can connect multiple stakes to the same address. However, once a stake is locked-in, you have to acquire more Hydro to start a new stake.