NFT Creation and Distribution Mechanism

The process of NFT creation and distribution in Keresverse is intricately linked to player engagement and participation within the game’s ecosystem. This system is designed to be dynamic and responsive, ensuring a fair and balanced distribution of NFTs among players.

Stake-Based Minting Process

  • NFTs in Keresverse are minted based on the volume of stakes opened by players to receive these digital assets. The number of NFTs minted is directly proportional to the number of stakes placed by players, creating a participatory and responsive minting process.

  • This mechanism incorporates a diminishing distribution curve over time. In essence, stakes opened earlier in the game’s lifecycle will receive a higher quantity of NFTs compared to those opened at a later stage. This approach incentivizes early participation and investment in the Keresverse ecosystem.

Keres Diamond: Central Minting and Burning Authority

  • The Keres Diamond plays a pivotal role in the NFT ecosystem of Keresverse. This dedicated system is tasked with both the minting and burning of NFTs, regulating their supply and circulation within the game.

  • The Keres Diamond’s functionalities ensure that the NFT supply is managed efficiently, maintaining the balance between scarcity and availability. This is crucial for preserving the value and desirability of NFTs within Keresverse.

This innovative approach to NFT creation and distribution underscores Keresverse’s commitment to a dynamic and equitable digital economy, where player involvement directly influences the availability and value of in-game assets.

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