Regular Battlepass Account

Engagement in the GameFi ecosystem within Keresverse is contingent upon the activation of a Battlepass. This critical feature enables players to commence earning rewards through their success in ranked match play.

To acquire a Regular Battlepass, players are required to remit a one-time fee of $10.00. This fee can be conveniently paid using either cryptocurrency or fiat currency, offering flexibility to suit diverse player preferences. Subsequent to payment, players must authenticate their blockchain wallet by signing a message. This process securely links their wallet to their Battlepass-enabled Keresverse account.

The linked blockchain address serves multiple vital functions. It is the conduit for the disbursement of player rewards, offering a secure and transparent method of transaction. Additionally, it facilitates the tracking of active stakes and the management of in-game assets. These assets encompass a variety of elements, including but not limited to skins, titles, and deeds, all associated with the player's account. This integration underscores our commitment to a seamless and integrated gaming and blockchain experience, ensuring both security and convenience for our players.

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