Premium Battlepass Account

The Premium Battlepass, offered as an annual subscription-based service, provides users with an array of exclusive benefits that extend beyond the scope of the Regular Battlepass. The annual subscription fee for the Premium Battlepass is set at $100.

Key Benefits of the Premium Battlepass include

  1. Formation of a Guild: Subscribers are endowed with the capability to establish a Guild within the Keresverse ecosystem. This process involves the minting of a unique Guild NFT, which must be staked in conjunction with a designated quantity of Keres Tokens. This foundational step enables the formation of an official Keresverse Guild, eligible to participate in Guild-specific leaderboards and exclusive Guild Tournaments.

  2. Opportunity as a Weapons Dealer and Landlord: Holders of the Premium Battlepass are granted the privilege to engage in the rental of in-game properties and assets. This includes the leasing of skins and other valuable items within the Keresian marketplace, offering a strategic avenue for asset management and revenue generation within the game.

  3. Priority Access to Promotional Presales: Premium Battlepass holders receive 'first mover' advantages in promotional presales. This exclusive access ensures that they are among the first to avail of new offerings and special deals within the Keresverse, placing them at a distinct advantage in the game's evolving marketplace.

This enhanced tier of the Battlepass underscores our commitment to providing a rich, multifaceted experience within Keresverse, catering to the diverse interests and strategies of our player base.

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