The Keres Marketplace

A Hub for Decentralized Trading

The Keres Marketplace stands as a central feature of the Keresverse platform, offering a fully decentralized trading environment for the NFT assets minted within the game. This marketplace is designed to facilitate seamless transactions, enhancing the overall player experience.

Trading Dynamics and Pricing

In the Keres Marketplace, skins and other NFT assets are primarily priced in US dollars for clarity and consistency. However, transactions are conducted using Keres Tokens or Keres Credits, integrating the game’s native economic systems into the marketplace.

When a sale is made, the seller receives payment in Keres Tokens, irrespective of whether the buyer used Keres Credits or Tokens. This uniformity in payment method simplifies the transaction process and maintains the circulation of Keres Tokens within the ecosystem.

Fee Structure and Revenue Allocation

Each transaction in the marketplace incurs a fee of five percent. This fee is not merely a transaction cost but serves a greater purpose in the Keresverse ecosystem.

The revenue generated from this fee is allocated directly to the development and enhancement of the Keresverse platform. This reinvestment strategy ensures continuous improvement and expansion of the game, directly benefiting the player community.

Through the Keres Marketplace, Keresverse provides a robust and efficient platform for players to trade and monetize their in-game assets, while also contributing to the game's ongoing development and success.

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