NFT Hierarchy

In Keresverse, the NFT skins are organized into a well-defined hierarchical structure, underpinned by a grading system. This structure not only categorizes skins based on rarity and exclusivity but also establishes a clear distinction between the various editions of skins available within the game.

Grading System and Skin Rarity

  • Skins are classified into different grades, each representing a distinct level of rarity and design complexity. For instance, skins of the Xylium grade may encompass twenty different types of sidearm skins, whereas those of the Xantor grade might include fifteen varieties.

  • As the grade level ascends, the skins become increasingly scarce both in terms of minting frequency and circulation, thereby enhancing their rarity and value.

Tier-Based Categorization and Supply Calculation

  • Each skin falls within a specific tier, with a predetermined number of skins minted for each tier. This system allows for the precise calculation of the total supply of each skin type using the formula: Tier x Number of Skin Categories (NSC) = Total Supply.

  • The meticulously structured tier system ensures a balanced distribution of skins, catering to various player preferences and strategies.

Burn Value of Skins

  • A unique aspect of the Keresverse NFT skins is their 'Burn Value'. Players have the option to 'burn' or permanently remove a skin from circulation in exchange for Keres Tokens.

  • The number of Keres Tokens received upon burning a skin is predetermined and varies according to the skin's tier, as outlined in the tier table. This feature adds a strategic economic element to the game, allowing players to manage their assets in a way that aligns with their in-game and economic goals.

This hierarchical and grading system of NFT skins in Keresverse is designed to provide a dynamic and engaging asset management experience, further enriching the player's interaction within the Keresverse ecosystem.

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