Keres Credits

Alternative Currency in Keresverse

Keresverse introduces Keres Credits as an alternative currency system, designed to offer players additional flexibility and convenience in in-game transactions.

Acquisition of Keres Credits

Players have the option to purchase Keres Credits using PayPal or Credit Card, providing a range of payment methods to suit diverse preferences.

This system is tailored to facilitate easy and accessible transactions within the Keresverse ecosystem.

Usage and Value Pegging

Keres Credits serve as a viable payment method within the Keresverse marketplace, enabling players to purchase various in-game items, primarily skins.

The value of Keres Credits is pegged to the US dollar for simplicity and stability, with the conversion rate set at 1000 Keres Credits equaling 1 US dollar. This pegging ensures clarity and consistency in transactions.

Transaction Fee and Game Development Support

Each transaction involving Keres Credits incurs a nominal fee of 5%. This fee is strategically reinvested into the game, directly contributing to the development and enhancement of Keresverse.

The fee structure not only supports the ongoing improvement of the game but also ensures a sustainable economic model for Keresverse’s growth and expansion.

Safeguarding Against Misuse

Measures are in place to prevent and negate any misuse of the Keres Credits system, ensuring fairness and integrity in all transactions within the game.

Keres Credits represent an integral part of the Keresverse economic model, providing players with an alternative currency for in-game purchases while simultaneously supporting the game's continuous development.

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