Keres Tokens

The Economic Backbone of Keresverse

The Keres Token, an ERC-20 standard cryptocurrency, serves as the native in-game currency of Keresverse and plays a multifaceted role within its economy. Deployed on the Skale Network, Keres Tokens are integral to the game’s ecosystem, facilitating various transactions and participatory elements.

Primary Functions of Keres Tokens

  • Reward System: Keres Tokens are the primary reward mechanism in Keresverse, incentivizing players for their performance and achievements.

  • Staking Utility: Players can stake Keres Tokens in various contracts within Keresverse, unlocking numerous benefits and enhancing their gaming experience.

  • Marketplace Transactions: The tokens are used as a medium of exchange within the Keresverse marketplace, streamlining in-game purchases and trades.

  • DAO Participation: They also serve as a vehicle for participation in the Keresverse DAO, allowing players to influence the game’s development and governance.

Token Allocation and Supply Management

The initial minting of Keres Tokens is capped at 2.2 billion, with the allocation distributed across various phases including Seed Round, Private Round, IDO Launchpad, Strategic Round/KOL, Public Sale, and more.

The Keres Token features a dynamic supply mechanism, capable of inflating by a maximum of 10% per annum to ensure a consistent reward supply. Conversely, a deflationary aspect is also present, with no upper limit to the number of tokens that can be burned, thus aiding in controlling the token's inflation.

Staking Opportunities

Players have the option to stake Keres Tokens in a variety of contracts within the Keresverse platform. This staking not only contributes to the game's ecosystem but also provides players with advantageous returns and privileges, further embedding the Keres Token as a central element in Keresverse’s economy.

The Keres Token is thus more than just a currency; it is a cornerstone of the Keresverse experience, driving the game’s economy, rewarding players, and providing a means for active participation in the game's ongoing development.

Tokenomics And Vesting

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