Individual Ranking System

In Keresverse, the prowess and strategic acumen of each player are recognized and rewarded through a meticulously structured Individual Ranking System. This system plays a pivotal role in fostering a competitive environment and encouraging continuous skill development.

Performance-Based Ranking

  • Players are ranked based on their historical performance in ranked matches within the battle arena. This ranking is a reflection of their consistency, skill level, and overall success in the game.

  • The system is designed to be dynamic, taking into account the most recent performances to ensure a current and accurate representation of player abilities.

Monthly Leaderboard Reset and Rewards

  • The Keresverse Leaderboard, showcasing these individual rankings, undergoes a reset at the end of each month. This regular reset ensures continual opportunities for all players to climb the ranks and achieve recognition.

  • The top 50 players on the leaderboard at the time of reset are awarded exclusive rewards. These rewards include NFT Titles, which symbolize their achievements and status within the game, and Keres Tokens, proportional to their respective finishing positions.

This Individual Ranking System is an integral component of Keresverse, designed to not only highlight the achievements of top players but also to motivate all participants to strive for continuous improvement and excellence in their gameplay.

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