Title System

In Keresverse, Titles are esteemed as limited edition NFT tokens, intricately designed to signify and celebrate a player's standing and achievements within the game. These titles are not merely decorative but serve as a mark of distinction and prestige, reflecting the player's accomplishments and status.

Acquisition of Titles Titles are bestowed upon players as exclusive rewards under several distinct criteria

  • Premium Battlepass Holders: Players who invest in the Premium Battlepass are eligible for specific Titles, acknowledging their enhanced engagement with Keresverse.

  • Tournament Victories: Players who achieve victory in exclusive tournament battles are awarded Titles, symbolizing their competitive prowess within the game.

  • DAO Participation: Significant stakeholders in the Keresverse DAO, demonstrated through the staking of large amounts of Keres Tokens, are recognized with unique Titles.

  • Marketplace Activity: Players who actively engage in the Keresverse marketplace, particularly those purchasing substantial amounts of NFTs from other players, are also eligible for certain Titles. This recognizes their role in driving the game's economy.

Function and Significance

  • Titles in Keresverse serve multiple functions. They act as a visual emblem of a player's journey and achievements, enhancing their identity within the game.

  • Beyond their symbolic value, Titles can also confer certain in-game benefits or access to exclusive events and areas, depending on their nature and level of rarity.

Through the Title system, Keresverse aims to foster a sense of accomplishment and community among players, rewarding their dedication, skill, and participation in various aspects of the game's ecosystem

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