Keresverse is proud to host a diverse array of tournaments, each designed to test the skills and strategies of our players in different combat scenarios. These tournaments not only offer exciting gameplay but also provide participants the opportunity to win significant prizes.

1. Solo Tournaments:

  • Format: These tournaments are for individual players, where they compete in various modes such as Deathmatch or Bomb Plant/Defusal. The specific mode will be clearly defined for each tournament.

  • Objective: Focused on individual skill and strategy, these tournaments are a test of personal prowess on the battlefield.

2. Guild Tournaments:

  • Format: Guilds, representing teams of players, face off in different modes like Deathmatch or Bomb Plant/Defusal, as specified for each tournament.

  • Objective: These tournaments emphasize teamwork, coordination, and collective strategy, showcasing the strength and synergy of guilds in Keresverse.

Tournament Entry and Prize Pool:

  • Entry Fee: Participants are required to pay an entry fee in Keres Tokens for each tournament.

  • Token Burn: In a unique approach to maintaining the economic balance within Keresverse, the total sum of Keres Tokens collected as entry fees will be systematically 'burned'. This process reduces the overall token supply, thereby contributing to the economic stability of the Keresverse ecosystem.

These tournaments are meticulously designed to offer a competitive and rewarding experience to our players, underlining the essence of Keresverse as a dynamic and engaging gaming platform.

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