Guild Ranking System

The Guild Ranking System in Keresverse is a cornerstone feature that recognizes and rewards the collective efforts and strategic excellence of guilds. It is a testament to the collaborative spirit and competitive drive fostered within the Keresverse community.

Performance-Based Guild Ranking

  • Guilds are evaluated and ranked based on their historical performance in various Keresverse tournaments. This ranking reflects the guild's overall tactical prowess, teamwork, and success in competitive play.

  • Emphasizing a long-term perspective, the system aggregates performance metrics over time to accurately represent each guild's standing within the Keresverse ecosystem.

Annual Leaderboard Reset and Guild Rewards

  • A dedicated Guild Leaderboard, showcasing these rankings, is reset annually. This reset mechanism ensures that guilds have consistent opportunities for growth, improvement, and recognition on a year-over-year basis.

  • Upon reset, the top 10 guilds are conferred with prestigious rewards. These include specially designed NFT Titles, symbolizing their rank and status within the game, along with a proportional allocation of Keres Tokens as a reward for their achievements.

This Guild Ranking System is integral to the Keresverse experience, highlighting the game’s commitment to fostering a competitive yet collaborative environment. It not only incentivizes guilds to excel collectively but also serves to strengthen the community bonds within the game.

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