Keresverse features an intricate weapons system, integral to gameplay within the battle arena across all game modes. This system is designed to provide players with a range of tactical options and enhance the overall combat experience.

Variety of Weaponry

  • The arsenal in Keresverse includes a variety of weapons, each suited to different combat scenarios. The selection ranges from melee weapons and basic pistols, which are available free of charge, to more advanced and specialized firearms that can be acquired using in-game credits. These credits are earned through in-game actions like dealing damage or securing eliminations.

  • The range of weapons includes, but is not limited to, the Default Pistol, Silencer Pistol, Thursa, Zepar, Bestialix, Silencer Rifle, Devorator, Light Sniper, and the Venerator, with prices varying from 300 to 4750 in-game credits.

Cosmetic Upgrades and NFT Skins

  • Players can personalize their weapons with cosmetic upgrades in the form of NFT skins. These skins allow players to customize their battlefield experience and showcase their style.

  • It is crucial to note that these skins do not alter the functional performance or power of the weapons. Their primary purpose is to offer aesthetic enhancements, including stylized animations and premium visual upgrades.

Skin Upgrade System

  • Each Keresverse skin is structured into four distinct levels, with the default state being the first level.

  • To upgrade a skin and unlock its enhanced features, players must collect multiple skins of the same type and combine them. The upgrades unlock progressively, enhancing the weapon's appearance and audio-visual feedback.

  • Level 2 (Sounds): Unlocks enhanced audio components such as unique bullet firing and reloading noises.

  • Level 3 (Animations): Activates bespoke animations for actions like kills, weapon transformations, and inspections.

  • Level 4 (Kill Tones): The final upgrade level introduces special kill tones, offering a selection of unique audio signatures for each elimination.

This comprehensive weapons system in Keresverse not only enriches the gameplay but also adds depth to the player's engagement with the game, blending tactical combat with an element of personal expression.

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