Win to Earn Reward Distribution Model

Keresverse's competitive landscape is underscored by a strategic Win-to-Earn Reward Distribution Model, designed to fairly compensate players for their prowess in matches. This model is not only a testament to our commitment to skill-based rewards but also plays a vital role in the economic balance of the game.

Match Structure and Entry Fees

  • Each match in Keresverse consists of two teams, with five players per team.

  • Players are required to pay an entry fee of 10 Keres Tokens to participate in a match. These tokens are immediately removed from circulation through a burning process, supporting the token economy's stability.

Reward Allocation

  • Upon securing a victory, the winning team is awarded a total of 500 Keres Tokens.

  • This reward is equitably distributed among the five team members, with each player receiving 100 Keres Tokens.

  • The Keres Token contract is responsible for minting these reward tokens, ensuring a seamless and automatic distribution to the respective player accounts linked to the match.

Enhanced Rewards for DAO Participants

  • Players who engage more deeply with Keresverse by participating in the Keresverse DAO, through staking Keres Tokens, are eligible for enhanced rewards.

  • These players receive an increased reward of 110 Keres Tokens for each match win in the ranked mode, recognizing their additional investment and engagement with the Keresverse ecosystem.

  • This Win-to-Earn model fosters a competitive environment where skill and strategic play are directly rewarded. It also incentivizes deeper participation in the Keresverse community through the DAO, aligning player success with tangible economic benefits.

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