General Overview

Welcome to Keresverse, an exhilarating first-person shooter that pits two teams against each other in a high-stakes battle for blockchain asset prizes. Victory and defeat hang in the balance as players enhance their characters with cosmetic upgrades, including weapon skins and character sidekicks. These upgrades are represented by ERC-1155 tokens (NFTs) that become the players' property once acquired or earned as staking rewards.
In this revolutionary gaming environment, player assets are publicly displayed on the blockchain, allowing for seamless in-game use, trading on the Keresverse Marketplace, or secure storage in an ERC-1155 compliant wallet like the Aegir wallet.
Keresverse ushers in a play-to-earn experience that skilled players can unlock by purchasing a rewarding premium account. With a custom avatar, access to play-to-earn rewards in ranked matches, and much more, players can fully immerse themselves in the Keresverse world, reaping the benefits of their skill and creativity.
At the heart of Keresverse lies the intense, fast-paced Battle Arena, where players fight for supremacy and reap the rewards of victory. Losers must regroup and try again, while winners bask in the glory of their triumph.
The expansive Keresverse also features a vast lounge area for socialising, exploring, and immersing oneself in the virtual landscape. Land Plots, tokenized as ERC-721 tokens, can be developed into functional buildings that generate Keres tokens or special NFTs to boost players' abilities within the game world.
Experience live concerts hosted by artists and influencers at the Media Arena, with tokenized tickets granting access to exclusive live chats and backstage areas teeming with premium features.
The Keresverse ecosystem is rounded out by a fully-featured marketplace for trading, renting, selling, and buying Keresverse NFTs, as well as a casino area for gambling skins or other Keres Assets to win even more coveted rewards and premium skins.
Keresverse is committed to empowering its community by ensuring true ownership of in-game assets and rewarding skillful players within its innovative skill-to-win and play-to-earn model. Are you ready to join the revolution?
Last modified 5mo ago