General Overview

Keresverse is a first-person shooter game that will assign players into two teams to fight against each other. The goal will be to kill the enemy team to win and take home the blockchain assets prize.
In Keresverse, players can upgrade their characters cosmetically, including weapons and character sidekicks. These cosmetic upgrades come in ERC-1155 tokens (NFTs) owned by the players once purchased or received as staking rewards.
The player's assets are revealed publicly using blockchain, players can use their skins within the game, trade the skins on the Keresverse Marketplace or withdraw them to an ERC-1155 compliant wallet such as the Aegir wallet for long term storage.
Keresverse effectively creates a play to earn environment that skilled players can unlock by purchasing a rewarding premium account. Players will get a custom avatar, access to the play to earn rewards in ranked matches and much more in order to play, create, own, and monetise their experience in the Keresverse.
Keresverse include a battle arena where players can fight in an intense and fast paced First Person Shooter combat to reap the rewards from each fight. The winning team gets to collect the rewards while the losers are left to try again.
The greater Keresverse comprises an enormous lounge area where players can socialise with their friends and explore the virtual grounds of the Keresverse. This space will be further divided into Land Plots, which will be tokenised as ERC-721 tokens. Players can use the land tokens to construct buildings with different functionality to gain Keres tokens or special NFT that are consumed to boost the player within the Keresverse.
Furthermore, players will be able to attend live concerts in the greater Keresverse hosted by artists and influencers at the media arena by paying for a tokenised ticket sold by the artist or influencer on the platform. By upgrading the ticket, players can gain access to live chats and a backstage arena with a number of premium features.
Keresverse will also include a fully featured marketplace where players can trade, rent, sell, or buy their Keresverse NFTs. There will also be a casino area where players may gamble their skins or other Keres Assets in order to win more rewards and enticing premium skins.
Keresverse aims to empower its community by allowing for true ownership of its in-game assets while also rewarding skilful players for playing in its skill to win meets play to earn model.
Last modified 11mo ago