Keresverse NFT Ecosystem

Keresverse has embraced the ERC-1155 multi-token standard for the minting and distribution of NFT skins, operating on the Immutable Skale Network. This integration reflects our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology to enhance the player experience within the game.

NFT Skins and Aesthetics

  • The NFT skins available in Keresverse serve as cosmetic upgrades for weapons used in the Battle Arena.

  • These skins are not merely aesthetic enhancements; they are designed to be able to upgrade its inherent animations and visuals to enrich the gameplay experience, adding a layer of depth and personalization for each player.

Storage and Utility of ERC-1155 Tokens

  • Players store these ERC-1155 tokens in an EVM-compatible wallet, linked directly to their Keresverse account.

  • The utility of these NFTs extends beyond in-game use. Players have the flexibility to trade these skins on the Keresverse marketplace, transfer them to external wallets for security or portfolio management, or even 'burn' them in exchange for a predetermined amount of Keres Tokens.

Controlled Supply for Rarity and Value

  • To maintain rarity and value, the cap for each individual skin type is set at a maximum of 1 million, balancing exclusivity with availability.

Through this robust NFT ecosystem, Keresverse underscores its dedication to providing a rich, interactive gaming environment, where players can not only engage in dynamic gameplay but also participate in a vibrant digital economy.

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