Structure of Ranked Matches

Keresverse offers a competitive and engaging ranked match system, featuring two distinct game modes that cater to diverse player strategies and skills. Participation in these matches requires an entry fee of 10 Keres Tokens per player, with lucrative rewards for the victorious team.

Game Modes

  1. Team Deathmatch (Free-For-All): This mode focuses on the principle of player versus player combat. Teams compete to eliminate opposing members as frequently as possible within a predetermined time frame. Victory is determined by the team that achieves the highest number of eliminations, known as 'frags', by the end of the match.

  2. Team Bomb Plant/Defusal: In this strategic and team-oriented mode, the attacking team's objective is to plant a bomb in a designated area on the map and defend it until detonation or to eliminate the opposing team. Conversely, the defending team must either prevent the bomb's detonation or eliminate the attackers to secure a win. The first team to achieve twelve round victories emerges as the match winner.

Reward Architecture

  • Each ranked match consists of two teams, each with five players.

  • The winning team is awarded 100 Keres Tokens per player.

  • The total potential reward per match is capped at 550 Keres Tokens, considering participation of all winning team members in the Keresverse DAO.

Bot Burning Mechanism

To ensure fluid gameplay and minimize wait times, Keresverse incorporates a 'Bot Burning' mechanism. In instances where player availability does not suffice to fill a match, AI-controlled bots are introduced to complete the teams.

Notably, any rewards that would have been allocated to winning bots are automatically 'burned' or removed from circulation, a measure designed to preserve the integrity of the player reward pool and maintain the balance of the in-game economy.

This ranked match structure is meticulously crafted to offer an exhilarating and fair competitive environment, underpinning the core ethos of Keresverse as a skill-based gaming platform.

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