Land Ownership and Utilization

In the expansive world of Keresverse, land ownership and management are integral components, adding a strategic layer to the gaming experience. This is facilitated through the tokenization of land parcels as ERC-721 assets.

Tokenized Land Assets

  • A designated portion of Keresverse is tokenized into ERC-721 assets, representing distinct land areas owned by players. This innovative approach melds the virtual gaming world with blockchain technology, offering players tangible stakes within the game.

  • Each land token entitles the owner to various functionalities, including the ability to cultivate different NFT rewards unique to the Keresverse ecosystem.

Versatile Land Use

  • Landowners have the flexibility to utilize their tokens in several ways. They can establish farms or markets on their land, providing a platform for economic activities within Keresverse.

  • Additionally, these land parcels can serve as locations for guild houses, where players can gather, strategize, and display their NFT collections.

Limited Supply and Tier System

  • The total supply of Land Tokens is capped at 131,000, distributed across six distinct NFT tiers. This limited supply model ensures that these assets are highly sought after for their potential to generate in-game profits and provide strategic advantages.

  • The scarcity of these tokens is designed to enhance their value and desirability within the Keresverse community.

Land Staking and Rewards

  • Players can augment the value of their land by staking Keres Tokens. This process enriches the land, yielding rewards like building materials, Keresian Crystals, and other resources essential for construction and enhancement of structures on their land.

  • A comprehensive guide and further details regarding land utilization and benefits will be available in the Keresverse Land Compendium.

Through this sophisticated land and deed system, Keresverse offers players a unique opportunity to own, develop, and leverage virtual real estate, adding an immersive and strategic dimension to the gaming experience.

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