In the distant future, humanity, at the apex of its technological evolution, embarked on a path of self-augmentation. This era was marked by the creation of monumental terraforming machines, designed to undo the ravages of industrial pollution on Earth. Simultaneously, humanity integrated with Artificial Intelligence through microscopic nanobots, aiming to eradicate every known disease and illness.

This zenith of human achievement, however, bore the seeds of a tragic irony. As humans mastered the physical world, they gradually ceded their intellectual sovereignty to the very AIs they created. Reproduction, too, became a task for nanotechnology, leading humanity into a state of blissful ignorance, heavily reliant on the vestiges of their ancestral technology for prosperity.

But time eroded the once-great technologies. What followed was a downward spiral into plagues, grotesque mutations, and wars over dwindling resources. In this crucible of suffering, a rare mutation emerged in the human pineal gland, creating an unforeseen bridge between universes.

It was through this bridge that the Keres, a sinister alien species from a parallel multiverse, began their surreptitious observation of humanity. The Keres, beings of pure energy bound by laws alien to our physics, perceived as sorcery in our dimension, sought to exploit this connection for their ominous designs.

Incapable of physical travel to our universe, the Keres found a workaround: they could inhabit and control human hosts exhibiting the crucial pineal gland mutation. Their goal was singular and grim – to harvest human life energy. In our universe, energy is merely transformed, never destroyed, but the Keres could consume it, using it to sustain their vast empire.

This predatory crusade left a trail of devastation across the stars, leading to the gradual extinction of humanity. To the Keres, humans were mere livestock, a source of energy to fuel their expansionist ambitions. The dwindling human population posed a dire threat to their plans.

In response, the Keres instituted the Great Order of Keres, composed of humans bearing the strongest mutations. These humans, now indistinguishable from their alien overlords, erected imposing temples on every conquered world, symbols of the Keres' dominance and hubs for the subjugation of the local populace.

Amidst this chaos, the Keres devised a macabre solution to both entertain themselves and manage the human population – the Battle Arena. This colossal structure, housing two artificially created environments, became the stage for a gladiatorial contest of survival. The Keres gamified their harvest, where humans, augmented by soulstones, fought for survival and the promise of rewards. These soulstones allowed humans to transfer their consciousness into enhanced, artificial bodies, bred for conflict. This system was designed to inject further chaos into the arena while controlling the human population's growth and harvest.

In the Keresverse Battle Arena, the line between sport and survival blurs. The stakes are as high as they can get – life itself.

Let the battle begin.

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