Basic Account

Registration for Keresverse necessitates the creation of a complimentary account, which grants access to download the game's executable file for installation. This foundational account tier, referred to as the 'Basic Account', primarily offers standard gameplay features.

Players holding a Basic Account are able to engage fully in the first-person shooter (FPS) mode within the Battle Arena, experiencing the core mechanics and immersive world of Keresverse. However, this account level comes with certain limitations. Participants at this tier are not eligible to partake in the GameFi ecosystem integrated within Keresverse. Consequently, they are ineligible for reward accumulation and do not have access to the blockchain functionalities that augment the gaming experience.

This delineation ensures that while all players can enjoy the fundamental gaming experience of Keresverse, a deeper engagement with the platform’s advanced features and economic models is reserved for upgraded account tiers.

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