Guild Formation and Management

In Keresverse, guilds represent cohesive teams of players united by a shared commitment to skill enhancement and strategic dominance in the battle arena. These guilds form the cornerstone of the Keresverse community, fostering teamwork, camaraderie, and competitive spirit.

Guild Creation

  • To establish a guild in Keresverse, players must possess a Premium Battlepass, which grants the unique ability to mint a Guild NFT.

  • This Guild NFT is pivotal for the official registration of a guild, symbolizing its legitimacy and unique identity within the Keresverse ecosystem.

  • The creation of a guild incurs a one-time fee, payable in Keres Tokens. This fee is integral to the maintenance and support of the guild infrastructure within the game.

Guild Infrastructure

  • Guild leaders have the option to establish a physical representation of their guild within the game in the form of a 'guildhouse.'

  • While owning a plot of land in Keresverse enhances the guild's presence and provides a base for operations, it is not a prerequisite for guild formation.

  • Guildhouses serve as a hub for members to convene, strategize, and socialize, adding a tangible dimension to the guild experience.

Guild Functionality

  • Guilds in Keresverse are more than just social collectives; they are strategic entities that engage in collaborative training, participate in guild-specific tournaments, and compete on the Guild Leaderboard.

  • The structure of guilds encourages players to work together to refine their tactics and skills, making guild participation a vital aspect of the overall Keresverse experience.

The integration of guilds within Keresverse reflects our dedication to creating a rich, multi-faceted gaming environment where community and competition converge. By necessitating a Premium Battlepass for guild formation, we ensure that guilds are formed by committed and engaged players, thereby fostering a high level of play and interaction within the Keresverse community.

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