Keres Token

Keres Token Symbol
The Keres Token is Keresverse Native in game currency, a standard ERC-20 token deployed on multiple Blockchains and interconnected with bridges. Keres Tokens will be used as the main reward, payment method within the marketplace and for participating in the Keresverse DAO.
A total of 1.1 billion (1,100,000,000) Keres tokens are initially minted where the Tokens are allocated accordingly:
Seed Round 7.50% Private Round 7.50% IDO Launchpad 2% Strategic Round/KOL 2% Public sale 1% P2E Reward Pool 30% Team 15% DAO/Community 10% Exchange Liquidity 10% Airdrop 10% Advisors 4% Initial Liquidity on Dex 1%
If needed the Keres token can adjust its total supply by inflating a maximum of 10% per year to maintain a steady supply of reward tokens for the players but the Keres token can also be deflated using its burning function. There is no cap to how much Keres Tokens can be burned.
Players can stake the Keres tokens within the Keresverse DAO to gain a higher reward rate when they compete in ranked games.