Platform Architecture

The blockchain is used for all transactions related to assets and NFTs. The Keresverse team will create skins for characters, guns, or any other asset, and those skins will be tradable in Keres Marketplace.
The Keres diamond will be used across all chains used in Keresverse. On one hand it will allow users to leverage any chain for their general use in Keresverse and on other hand it will allow us to measure the usability across chains and add additional functionality based on the most usable chains.
This will alleviate the burden on one blockchain and allow us to scale horizontally, in a manner which has not been possible as of yet by any other platform.
The products that will utilise blockchains are as follows:
  • Keresverse Reward System
  • Keresverse Skins
  • Keresverse Land
  • Keresverse Marketplace
  • Keresverse Casino
  • Keresverse DAO
All the above mentioned products have been described in detail in their own sections separately.
In order to achieve the complex ecosystem we envision for Keresverse there will be a series of bridges that complies with the standard ERC-20, ERC-1155 and ERC-721, allowing players to transact tokenised assets within various multi-coin wallets and explorers.
Initially the Keresverse will default to Polygon in order to remedy the high gas prices, volatility, and uncertainty of the transactions but the player is allowed to toggle between chains in order to select the chain best suited for their needs.
In future updates, a Polkadot parachain, Moonriver, will be implemented in order to use gas futures to settle a fixed cost on the gas price of each interaction with the Keresverse.