In the farthest reaches of the future, humanity transcended its own limitations through the marvels of technology. At the pinnacle of their power, they constructed colossal terraforming machines to reverse the devastating effects of industrial pollution on Earth. Humans also integrated artificial intelligence in the form of microscopic nanobots to eradicate all known diseases and illnesses.
Relying solely on the ancient technology crafted by their ancestors, humanity reached a state of ignorant bliss. But the once robust and unyielding technology eventually crumbled, plunging the world into plagues, horrifying mutations, and wars for dwindling resources.
Countless years of struggling through this nightmarish landscape led to the mutation of the pineal gland in some humans, opening a bridge between universes. It was through this interdimensional gateway that the Keres, a formidable alien species from another multiverse, gazed upon our realm with dark intentions.
The Keres, energy beings in a universe where their power seemed like magic, could not physically enter our world. But they could possess human bodies with the mutated pineal gland, using these hosts to further their sinister aims. Insatiable in their hunger for life energy, the Keres consumed billions of humans in a chaotic crusade that spared no one.
As the human race dwindled, the Keres faced a dilemma. To them, humans were mere livestock, and without new lives to harvest, their empire's expansion would cease. To maintain control and ensure the survival of their cattle, they established the Great Order of Keres, a group of powerful human hosts who were virtually one with their alien masters.
The Keres Order erected grand temples on every conquered world, symbols of their domination and tools to enslave the masses. To further subjugate humanity and fuel their endless harvest, they conceived the ultimate plan: the Great Battle Arena.
This immense complex, encompassing two artificial environments for combat, was designed for one purpose: to turn the harvest into a game. As humans fought each other for prizes in the arena, the Keres stood by, reaping the benefits. Victors were rewarded, while the defeated were harvested.
To ensure the continued survival of the human race and maintain a controlled harvest, humans entering the battle arena were augmented with Soulstones. These precious gems allowed them to transfer their consciousness into a fabricated, augmented body with extraordinary abilities and enhanced strength. With each clash in the arena, the Keres reigned supreme, as the cycle of chaos and harvest persisted.
And so, the battle begins!