Keresverse is set in a distant future where humanity began augmenting their own evolution through technological advancement.
Humanity achieved the zenith of its power by crafting great terraforming machines that were built to reverse the effects of the industrial pollution that was killing the earth. Humanity also infused themselves with Artificial intelligence in the form of microscopic nanobots with the aim to cure any disease or illness known to man.
While humans achieved the utmost mastery of our realm, they delegated their thinking unto AIs while reproducing with the help of these nanobots.
Eventually, humanity has reached a point of ignorance through bliss, solely relying on their ancient technology to remain prosperous.
While the technology that was constructed by their ancestors indeed was robust, eventually it started to break down. Leaving humanity suffering from plagues, horrible mutations and war over resources.
After countless years of surviving this nightmare, the pineal gland mutates in some humans opening up a bridge between universes.
Through this bridge, the Keres start to peer into our universe - watching and deliberating on how to best conquer us.
The Keres is an Alien Species that originates from another multiverse, they are energy beings and their universe has different laws than ours which is perceived as magic in our universe as it renders all laws of physics mute.
They lack the ability to physically travel to our universe, however they can use human bodies that have a sufficient mutation in the pineal gland as a host for them to possess and use to their personal ends.
The Keres seek life energy, energy can never be destroyed merely converted in our universe but the Keres can consume it and they use it to fuel their great empire.
Billions of humans across the stars are consumed in a crusade of chaos that leaves none untouched. Humanity as a race starts to slowly die out and populations across worlds dwindle.
This presents a real problem for the Keres, who view the human race as cattle or livestock. Without human lives to consume they can't expand their great empire across our universe.
So they establish the great order of Keres, which is an order of the humans that have the most powerful Keres mutations in their minds, effectively rendering them synonymous with the Keres. The Keres Order builds a great temple on every world that the Keres have conquered in order to manifest their power and enslave its population.
Since the great chaos that ensued after the Keres began invading our universe which led to humanity almost going extinct. A new plan had to take shape in order to subjugate humanity and let them reproduce to create more lives they could harvest.
So the great battle arena was built.
A vast arena complex that contains two maps that are artificially created to have an environment to battle within. The Keres have gamified their harvest so that they won't have to lift a finger except let humans compete for prices in the battle arena. The winners are rewarded and the losers are harvested.
Humans are augmented by Soulstones when they enter the battle arena. The Soulstone allows humans to transfer their consciousness into a fabricated, augmented body that has inherent abilities and augmented strength. The reason for their introduction was to spark greater chaos in the battle arena while also allowing the human race to replenish as the amount of human life that is sacrificed in the battle arena is strictly controlled through this process.
Let the battle begin!