In Keresverse there will be two kinds of tournaments for the player to enter. Bloodlust - All teams get to play a match against each other regardless of winning or losing. The number of matches played in bloodlust is determined by how many teams are in a bloodlust tournament. Winners are determined by a point system derived from how they frag on the battlefield. The entrance fee to Bloodlust tournaments is paid in Keres tokens and the full amount of Keres tokens raised in entrance fees are burned.
Burnout - Knockout style, Losers are eliminated instantly. The entrance fee to Burnout tournaments is paid in Hydro Tokens and the full amount of Hydro Tokens raised in entrance fees will be burned.
In tournaments Guilds can compete for exclusive prizes and glory in the greater Keresverse. Tournament matches will feature a similar ruleset to ranked matches where highest fragcount wins. The winner of each tournament is determined by which team has the highest win rate and fragcount.