Ranked Matches

Ranked matches will be played in death-match, also known as free-for-all, where the goal is to kill the other players characters as many times as possible. The death-match will end after a fixed duration of time, and the winner is the team that accumulated the greatest number of frags.
Ranked Matches cost 1 Keres Tokens per player to join but they also payout rewards in the form of 10 Keres Tokens per person to the winning team. Each ranked match consists of two teams of five players in each team so the amount of Keres Tokens minted per match is fixed at a maximum of 55 Keres tokens if all players in the winning team also participate in the Keresverse DAO.
Bot Burning is a mechanism we have introduced to safeguard the Player pool. If the player pool does not saturate a match within allotted time - Bots will fill out each team to enable a match within reasonable time. Each bot that wins a match will automatically burn its rewards.